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2001-2001 Santa Cruz Steelhead Page

Welcome to Ernie's Casting Pond's Steelhead Reports Page. Bookmark this page for updates as available.

February 7, 2002

There hasn't been any reports lately because the local streams have been low and clear. The fishing hasn't been great, but it hasn't been completely poor either. Some fish continue to be caught in the low, clear water.

Today, we had a light rain for most of the day in Santa Cruz. Both the Soquel and San Lorenzo are muddy now, and have risen slightly, enough for fish to move, so you can bet there will be a new crop of Steelies in the river for the weekend. More info as it becomes available...

January 12, 2002

The water in both the San Lorenzo and Soquel was very fishable today, and conditions on the SL were a little better than Soquel (Soquel is starting to get clear). There were however fish caught on both streams. Ernie got another 11 pounder today in Upper Paradise Park on a Bear Valley Spinner. We also heard of numerous other fish caught. Conditions remain good, with fish spread throughout the rivers.

January 6, 2002

Did you go fishing today? You should have...water conditions were great, water clarity was 1-2 feet, and while the water level was still high, fishing conditions were excellent.

Ern landed a beautiful 11 pound wild hen in the upper Sycamore Grove area of the San Lorenzo...more fish were undoubtably caught, we'll have more news for you tomorrow. Stay tuned!

January 5, 2002

Numerous fish were caught today on the San Lorenzo and Soquel. They ranged from 10 - 12 pounds. Lots of fisherman were on the rivers, most fishing roe or night crawlers. Water levels were still high, but clarity was fishable. On Sunday water clarity should be even better. With the number of fishermen on the rivers, the early angler gets the fish! Good luck...

January 4, 2002

The rivers are still high, lots of water, but fishable for this weekend. We're hearing quite a few reports of fish being seen so there should be some fish caught tomorrow and Sunday. We'll post some of what we see tomorrow (Saturday), stay tuned!

January 2, 2002

It's raining now and the rivers are all high and muddy, but the forecast is for the rain to stop, which might make fishing perfect for the weekend. We'll have more updates as the weekend draws near...

December 26, 2001

Water conditions are great, and fish to 10-11 pounds are starting to show up. Numerous fish were caught today to 10+ pounds, and fish were also caught on Christmas day and the preceding weekend. Fish are being caught on bait (night crawlers or roe), flies, Flatfish, and other lures. Rain is coming, so it's hard to tell what the weekend will bring...

December 18, 2001

Water conditions for Soquel Creek and the San Lorenzo should be perfect for Wednesday fishing. More rain is expected late Wednesday night so you all have a full day of good fishing before the water muddies again! We've been hearing of a few large fish being spotted on their way up the rivers (both Soquel and San Lorenzo), so be ready!

December 13, 2001

Local streams are low and clear, and we're all waiting for rain! It may rain tonight (12/13) and if so, there could be good fishing for the weekend. We heard of a 6 and 8 pounder caught in the San Lorenzo on Wednesday...more to come as available...

December 6, 2001

San Lorenzo and Soquel Creek looks great for this weekend's fishing. Wednesday's fishing was fair, fish to 6 pounds were caught. Most were 1/2 - 2 pounds.
Santa Cruz to Felton on the San Lorenzo will probably be the best bet for this weekend. Drop in the shop for a free San Lorenzo fishing map!

December 3, 2001

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